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Jeff Sellars

Is there a face book group yet for usQ people ? 

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Hi Imraan,

I will send you those things offline, so that you have them.


It is worth pointing out to everyone on this group that I have determined that Yahoo groups has either deteriorated or has been intentionally limited, so it no longer stores attachments online. Nor does it allow you to load photos or upload attachments if you are working from the web interface online.


The only way to send or receive attachments now is to go to the groups and change your personal preferences to receive each post as an individual e-mail rather than daily digests or reading posts online. To post attachments or photos to the group, you need to send your post as an e-mail and attach the photo or document to the e-mail addressed to Q-list. The Yahoo group will echo your e-mail along with the attachment to all those in the group who have selected the option to receive each post as an e-mail, but it will not save the attachment or post it to the daily digest.  This appears to be the new normal.





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I didn't get your most recent picture or this one.  Maybe there is a paid Yahoo version that gets me all the good stuff.




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