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The Q-form at Snf is very informal.  It is usually made up of people who are presently flying Q’s, builders looking for answers and people curious about the Q.  The meeting takes the form of individuals introducing themselves by name, type of plane they may have or are working on and what they hope to gain from the forum.


Then it is a general question/answer session for the remainder of the hour.  Lot’s of good information is shared and people get to meet face-to-face with names they have seen on the Qlist.  It's a really good time.


Hope to see you there,

Jerry Marstall


794 hrs.


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What will be covered in the forum?

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You sure you want to do that on Friday the 13th?  Have fun guys..





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The Q forum will be on Fri 13, 1:00.  Check the below link for full schedule.


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