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Sam Hoskins

With my 9 gallon aux tank I can carry 32 gallons, which can last 5-1/2 hours, way past my butt limits. 


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I’m very jealous of all that fuel you have. I’m planning on making a BIG aux tank that I can seat belt in my passenger seat. I figure anytime I’m flying with a passenger I’m not likely want to fly far or without breaks so it isn’t a huge compromise and I can make a really large one without even getting close to CG problems. 

Matthew Curcio

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Matthew’s report inspired me to give a brief progress report.


I have finished my fuel flow tests with the airplane at +13 degrees deck angle. I pulled the fuel line loose at the upstream side of the TBI fuel regulator (carb) and ran both gravity tests. The gravity only flow shows that it will flow 29 gallons per hour when header is full reducing to 24 gallons per hour when just before reaching unusable fuel level. Header tank holds 13.7 gallons (more actually, but practically, I will only fill it to a tab below the filler neck so that is considered full). It has 12 gallons usable at +13 degrees rotation. I can run the electric boost pump for another half gallon usable. The flow rate with the pump on pump rate is over 35 gallons per hour. I can also run directly off the main tank at 25 gallons per hour using its dedicated electric pump. With the main pump feeding both the regulator (carb/engine) at 9 gph and filling the header at the same time, it fills the header in 37 minutes.  So basically, all is good. No leaks. Main tank holds 14.5 gallons, so I am looking at 28+ gallons with less than 2 gallons unusable at max deck angle. Engine goes back on the airframe for real this weekend. Stay tuned for a first engine start.




Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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