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I like to use aileron TE down for approach till touch down. This assures a good visibility of the approach and maximum main wing lift.  It is easily overcome with elevator control while near touch down and once I’m on all three wheels I dump to reflexor TE up. 

To my mind this plane is guaranteed to stay on unless I add power. 


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The Q200 plans definitely had a reflexer altho I think it was an option?
I use the aileron up all the time but have never used aileron down.  
The down stop is a good idea.  Next time I have mine apart I'll look into that.
1300 hours in Q200.
Mike N3QP

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I don't remember the original plans having a reflexor

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The original plans design calls for 6 degrees up and 2 degrees down - I am not aware of any deviations from this spec.


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What is everyone using for the relexor limits.  On my Dragonfly I have
maybe 3/8ths up and down, but I feel the Q200 may be a bit more. What
would a safe starting point for the up and down movement at the trailing
edge of the aileron.?
Thanks----------------  Chris

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