Q-born at last

Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

My body, the Q and the weather all aligned today to usher in my first Q flight since August when I face-planted into a mountain off my motorcycle. 


I just finished the condition inspection and was ready to go.  Fortunately, it was totally uneventful except for the wonderful thrill it was to be back in the air in the Q again.  The Q cockpit is a special place to be.


Surprisingly, my flying skills (or lack of) seemed to not have deteriorated sufficiently to scare me any more than they usually do. I am sure it helped that Nancy would periodically take me flying so I could “see the picture” down final a few times before launching off in my plastic fantastic.


Anyway, the skies are no longer safe.  I have returned to flight.

Everyone fly safe.


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