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I too like the stories - as long as they aren't mine

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I have always wondered about it, but no I have never experienced it... yet.

Thanks for sharing the details Jim!  I appreciate hearing these stories.

Paul Fisher
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Good morning all,

I just wanted to make this post to let you know I had a failure (a couple of months ago) of my left brake line about 2' from wheel pant, driver side. This is after 18 years of flying the Q. (1,500 hours).

I was landing in Auburn, CA. (KAUN - 75'W  x 3,700' runway, 1,540' ELEV.) about dark. Right after touchdown I applied the brakes, only to have the left brake pedal go immediately to the floor. I looked out the left side to see a bunch of hydraulic fluid on the wing and elevator. I have to say it was kind of interesting blowing down the runway at 85K with one brake and the end of runway coming up quick. Needless to say that little Quickie was all over the place. I managed to get her stopped before the end of the runway, which was a good thing! 

Of course it was freezing cold, wet and windy. I called Sam and he graciously flew over the next day and offered help. We pulled the elevator and found a crack in the Nylaflo tubing just next to a 5 min. epoxy spot. (My hydraulic line runs in the elevator well). Sam brought some new tubing and we fixed the problem. 

I've been flying weekly since then but am still very conscious of the failure. The only Nylaflo failure I recall was on Brad Olsen's Q200 but it was in the wheel pant. Anyone else ever encounter this problem? 

Jim Patillo
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