Re: Hydraulic Brake Line Failure

Jim Patillo


It’s part of my check list too. I pumped the brakes prior to landing and they were fine. So that doesn’t necessarily prove much other than brakes worked in flight.

On landing, I pushed both brake pedals and they were solid for about 5 seconds. Then the left brake pedal went to the firewall. The only thing I could do was cut the engine, dance on the rudder/brake pedals to stay on centerline and brake, release, brake release, etc. til I got it slowed to a stop. Kinda
If I had been on a 3,000’ runway, I probably have eaten some dirt. To close for comfort. I’m seriously considering replacing the right side with new 2,500 psi nylaflow or going with stainless as Charlie suggested.

In the meantime, I will remain on alert!

N46JP - Q200

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