Re: Happy Camper

Jay Scheevel

thanks Kevin, I will check that.

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Don’t know how long it has been since you met with the brakes, but mine went to the left severely. 

Turns out the brake calipers were not floating properly. Basically had no brakes. Took them apart, took all the corrosion off, and they worked fine. 
Now at annual, or more frequently, I check the freedom of the float.
Just one data point.
Good luck.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   447 hrs
Luana, IA.

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wants to pull left. working on that now.


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Very good!
How she handle?
Kevin B

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Did some taxi testing yesterday, but this photo shows a happy camper after getting my finished doors back on the plane.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 getting ready to ciertificate


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