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Thanks for sharing! . . . I’m more excited about this picture from Sunday morning at the moment Kr2, L29, stearman, and me in the q.

Matthew Curcio

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Cool, nice place to park it!
Mike Q200 N3QP

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This one is largely directed to Bob Farnum ( I don't think I have his contact info) but anyone else who knows please chime in. Bob has the oil filter adaptor on his Q and I believe it was TAF-L model shown here the . I want to confirm that before I order one. His seemed to fit really nicely and he made a nice setup for cooling the filter in lieu of a traditional oil cooler. I don't want a remote mounted one unless I absolutely have to and my oil cooler has to much cooling and needs re-worked (for additional reasons) anyways. Thanks

TEMPEST ENGINE MOUNTED OIL FILTER ADAPTER Tempest engine mounted oil filter adapters eliminate the need for oil screens and provide increased filtering capabilities for longer engine life.

Matthew Curcio


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