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Sage advice, Bruce. Thank you very much for sharing this. I am making a mental checklist of just how to handle the touchy pitch so as to avoid getting behind the airplane and your description is very clear.





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For the TriQ it will not let  you get the nose off the runway before it is ready to fly.  Plus if you manage to pop the Q off the runway at it's slowest speed you can very easily get PIO and also a mush with control issues with respect to the ailerons.  A very touchy situation.  One of our guys killed himself on 1st flight perhaps by not reacting quickly enough with just the right inputs.  

Holding the elevator all the was back or popping it off the runway with pulling hard back on the stick will put you in this scenario.  You can put the stick about midway and let the nose gear get light and when the nose get off just push forward on the stick enough to let the airspeed accelerate enough to give it a slight tug on the stick and then make the inputs needed to keep form PIO.


Hope this is clearer than mud.



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Talked to a few people at Kevin’s spring fling about this, but a few pictures are better than a lot of talk. I superimposed some Langley Wind tunnel pics on top of the Q canard so you can see where the turbulent air mass caused by the stall ends up. Obviously over-rotation is not a good thing. This could happen in an accelerated maneuver or on the runway in a Tri-Q. If it happens on the runway (only possible in a Tri-Q), the CG rotates aftward very close to, or perhaps even behind, the main gear axis and there is no recovery except to apply brakes and get the nose back down. PDF attached for your consideration.





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