ICAO type designator

Matthew Curcio

Hey guys perhaps everybody knew this and I was just in the dark but when ATC asks for a type designator we are QIC2. The ICAO system has the following.

Manufacturer: QUICKIE
model: Quickie Q200 or Quickie Q2
Type designator: QIC2

For the Q1 it’s:

Manufacturer: QUICKIE
model: Quickie
Type designator: QUIC

In the past when I’ve been asked I say quickie q200 and they have a hard time finding it but the guys at John Wayne looked it up for me and provided that info. For some reason I thought they didn’t have a type designator for us so I never even tried looking it up. It was entertaining having that in because every single controller I got handed off to while on flight following to Vegas last night wanted to know what it was and what it looked like. It was like you could see them, through the radio, googling it in there phones and showing it to they person sitting next to them.

Matthew Curcio

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