RFI and/or RMI I don't know the difference

Bruce Crain

Rick Hole thank you for your help! It worked perfectly with respect to the ferrite beads on the antenna end of the RG400. In the past when I would key the mic the fuel guage needle would peg out. Now it is solid as a rock. I did ask Bevan Rabel of Wichita if I needed the ferrite beads on the TXP coax and they said that I did not.

The auto pilot is working wonderfully well at any frequency. Straight as a string. I did put new RG400 coax to both the comm radio and the TXP plus rerouting the coax from the radio past the autopilot servo made all the difference in the world for the autopilot. Everything is fixed on the TriQ 200 and working top notch! Nothing to do but aviate!

Bruce Crain
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