Flight Report... heavy

Mike Dwyer

I just flew a friend that had put on some weight.  275lbs now.

The temp was 85F and about 85% humidity.  
My normal flying is done with the wife and gross is around 1000lb.
At 1136 lbs the Q200 flew like a completely different airplane!  Very pitch sensitive.  Very slow acceleration.  On landing I carried 10K more airspeed and that worked out perfectly.  Only problem is my landing roll out was around 5000' vs my normal 1600'.  I was easy on the brakes but still!

So Bottom line: at or below 1000lb the Q200 is an awesome airplane.  When you push it to 1100+ I don't like it at all.  This could account for all the differences in handling and pilot reports we've read all these years!  Keep it light!  Check out my Youtube page linked below for video of the takeoff and landing.
PS, my low/no carb diet for 4 months = 14lb weight loss (160 now) and a much lower blood sugar number.  Drop those pounds and keep your rate of climb up!

Mike Dwyer
Q200 N3QP

YouTube Videos: https://goo.gl/yKEHfK
Q200 Website: http://goo.gl/V8IrJF

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