Chris Walterson

I am hoping some one can help me.  I am trying to solve a radio problem and am not getting anywhere.
This is the story. I have an EAA biplane with hand start  290 Lycoming. I am using a Icom IC-A6 handheld radio with  battery and the whip antenna that comes with it. The antenna may be getting blocked by some of the airframe components.
I have a Dave Clark headset that when I hit the PTT button all I get is feedback. I then used a Sigtronics headset and it is much better. On the ground the radio is fair, but as soon as I run it up I am getting ignition noise and when I talk I am transmitting airframe and wind noise. I have a small foam muff on the mike.
 My ignition noise is worse from the right mag.
 My ignition spark plug wires are not sheilled. They are the wires in the kit that ACS sells. My wires going to my mag switch are sheilded and have good grounds.
I'll go to the hanger and try again while I feed a million blackflies and pull my hair out.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks--------------  Chris

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