Re: Reflexor, Elevator and takeoff/landing angle

Jay Scheevel

Thanks Jim,


No date set yet. Have one “T” to cross and one “I” to dot. The “T” is getting comfortable with the cockpit layout/sight picture while taxiing up to about 50 mph at my home field (then will take the plane to the longer Grand Junction runway).  The “I” is to go fly with a few folks (if they agree to do so), probably Bruce Crain and Lynn French. Once I get that done, I will come back home, get in and go.  Will keep you posted.





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I appreciate your offline comments and your continuing desire to cross every “T” and dot every “I”.

Just know this plane is more forgiving than you think, unless you get it to far out of line!

Relax, take a deep breath and things will be fine.

Have you set a date to turn that hangar queen into a real flying Q?

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