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Cool N-number

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Hey Mike,
Very nicely done!
I’m getting ready for my first flight in a Tri-Q200. 
Thanks for sharing these videos. Great stuff!
Fuel flow test, and weight and balance day...👍

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2018 June Flight in rather wet conditions Quickie Q200

There was a nice full sky double rainbow but it is barely visible in the video.  3 Cameras were used, one forward outside, one looking to the cockpit outside, one inside.  The inside one was recording the intercom audio.  Dashware software was used to put the speed and altitude tapes on the videos.  Dashware seems to only work with Win7 SP1 with no updates.  So i built a junk computer just to allow me to use Dashware.  So sad that GoPro bought Dashware and then stopped supporting it.  The original canard used on the Q2 and Q1 lost lift when wet.  The LS1 airfoil that is used in the Q200 doesn't really care if it's wet.  I get wet 3 times in this video!

Mike Q200 N3QP

Daniel Lee

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