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Since Paul brought it up... 
     Here are a couple of photos of my set up. I broke the canard in 2005 due to an engine stop. Then spent the next twelve years building a new house for my wife and myself with a hangar underneath. We finally moved in last march so I am thinking it is time to retrieve the Q-Bird from the ceiling and REBUILD!
Thanks for keeping the dream alive and well,

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I have had mine on top for over 800 hours after experiencing problems with the vent coming out the bottom. Used a SS tube initially and then built a small airfoil shaped inlet that is about a half inch tall. Works great. The idea came from Dave Hudak's plane. I also lowered the header overflow by about 1/2" to stop the over filling problem. Be happy to send you a picture of mine and its location if you are interested.

PS just lowering the overflow may have cured the problem of a fuel loaded vent line but mine works great and would do the same again.

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