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Matthew Curcio

Hey, fantastic meeting all of you in person. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer but here is the rest of my trip report. Clouds and rain cleared quickly after leaving Enid and I made killer time into Ohio,  thanks to a tailwind. Took some family flying in q and then did a fly out lunch on Saturday with some friends. We flew to an island on Lake Erie that has a 2700ft strip with 50 foot trees on each end. I’ve been practicing short field in the q a lot (if you want to call it that) so 400ft density altitude and light fuel load actually made it piece of cake but I’m sure It’s the first time a quickie has landed there. I landed and took off in half the space as my friends lightly loaded Cherokee 6! 

Did about 20 water landings in the amphib and then Got a gorgeous impromptu balloon flight in with some friends this morning before blasting off west. Caught headwinds around Oklahoma and then my fuel stop in dalhart proved to be a bust as the self serve tank was out and the fella at the fbo had left early. I got him to come back but it killed my chance of making it home tonight.  I decided to stay in Albuquerque. I elected to land at the international airport rather than double eagle and I’m happy I did because Atlantic’s Ramp fee is probably cheaper than a taxi from and to double eagle, it’s 3 min from hotels and they give you rides to and from your hotel. Had a good flock of net jet and medivac pilots come over to talk and take pictures after I pulled in with the q and the ground controller wanted to chat about what it is, amidst directing all the airliners around. . . You gotta love it! 

It’s gonna be a longer than normal flight into work tomorrow morning but worth it for a great weekend, all made possible by the q2. 

Matthew Curcio 

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Thx Kevin.  Great seeing you.

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As Paul reported, we made it back to DVN about 1:00 PM CDT.
I got home about 4:30PM and managed to get the lawn mowed! Fun stuff.
Thanks to all that made the effort to attend. I had a blast!
Hope to do it again next year. Maybe I can fly my plane there too.
Paul is a fine chauffeur!
I learned a lot about IFR flying. Very interesting.
Safe at home.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B 465 hrs
Luana, IA.

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