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Jerry Marstall

Glad you are safely back.  Good to see you and Rod. See ya next year.   Jerry 

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Hi everyone

Got back to KORE yesterday, Thursday, at 1:40 PM EDT, after leaving Franklin PA at around 10:00 AM Thursday morning.  I made a quick fuel stop in Sidney NY along the way.  Rod flew non-stop from Hornell NY, and arrived safely at Turners Falls airport about 1 hour ahead of me.  We had radio contact for some of the last leg.  The Revmaster ran smooth, using only a half quart of oil for the entire 22.5 hour round trip.  After activating my Tru-trak auto pilot I enjoyed smooth,  comfortable conditions, cruising along at 5,500 ft., under a shaded thin layer of clouds at 26,000 ft. above.  Even had a little tail wind.

Thanks again Bruce and Joanne, it was a great time getting together, and I’m looking forward to next year. Hope to see everyone next year, along with a couple more Qs added to the flock.


Dave D    N68DD


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