2018 FOD

Jerry Marstall

Bruce, you may now close the books on the 2018 FOD.  This afternoon, after 25 days of hangaring out with a Learjet and a King Air, I actually retrieved my Q from Memphis.  It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.  The ride from Asheville to Memphis was in a Columbia (nice, but I prefer the Q).  All day for 433sm, it was clear skies, not one bump, 50+ mile visibility and a purring O-200.  Just stretched out, leaned back and let her go.


The folks at Tulsair Beechcraft at Milllington, TN KNQA are phenomenal.  Not only did they not charge me a penny for 25 days of hangaring, they sell gas at $3.92.  Base customers get it for $2.95.  Since they thought the Q was “cute” (or did they mean me), they gave me the $2.95 rate.  That really helped when I needed to put 62-gal in the Columbia. If you are ever in the area, make sure you stop in and see them.  They are super great people. 


Anyway.  All the Q’s are finally home.  Can’t wait until next year’s FOD.  I should probably start now.





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