Re: Composite Mold making & Drag reduction video links

Rob de Bie

These Mike Arnold movies are fantastic indeed.

I was blown away by his method of making thin
sandwich wing skin panels, starting with the
Rutan technique and then taking it one step
further. Basically it's very simple, but yet I
had never heard of it, or thought of it.

The build quality of his AR-5 looks very, very
good. And his patience in shaping that fuselage plug is amazing.

Very recommended!


At 14:46 04 11 2018, you wrote:
These are great videos for composite
construction and aerodynamics to reduce drag.
Have paper and pencil ready because you can get info throughout the videos.

AR-5: Why it Goes so Fast (books he uses at
end of video + plus info from an areo guy)

Making Fiberglass Molds

Making a Molded Fuselage

How it's Made

Moldless Low Drag Wheel Pants

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