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Lapo: I have a Q-1 and lots of history.

Several scratch built I have seen, but only 2 flown.
A fat Q1 with a full VW engine and I flew one with a half VW. Several have flow with 503 Rotax.
engines should not be a problem, just attend to the CG.
I like to say you can make a pine board fly if you give it enough power. SO...minor airfoil shape
differences due to copiers shouldn't be a HUGE worry. From the many planes I've seen builders
introduce small changes inadvertantly. 
But if you are anal-retentive...worry.

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1. There are no "design rights" but there is a copyright on the plans. There doesn't seem to be any interest in enforcing that copyright, however, as PDF copies are abundantly available. Good luck getting the templates in full size, though. Most scan/print operations introduce significant distortion.

2. Your biggest challenge will be finding and fitting a suitable engine while maintaining CG. And fitting good brakes.

3. You're not missing out on anything from the Q-Performance list.

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