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John Hoxie

I'm retiring hopefully next year. I live north of Seattle. Is there a membership chart that shows what cities / states the Quickies are at. I would like some help finishing my Q2 after I move - probably to SW New Mexico, near my brother in LaLuz. He's a craftsman. I started my bird in spring of '82. My old help moved away or died. I didn't get any tech help from my local EAA chapter either. The garage got to full with the kids and grandson. Since you can't give projects away, I might as well finish it as I loved working on it for about 2000 hours. 75-80% complete I think. I owned a third share of a Q-2 trailer, but the other owners died and apparently the guy that bought the one guy's plane before he died, took it and last I heard it's in Florida. Would definitely consider partnering with someone who has a Quickie1, Varie EZ or Long EZ. May eventually put a 3300 in it. LS-1 forward wing. I did get some stick time in Paul Spackman's Q3300 about 2011.

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