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For structural patches use EZ-poxy or Aeropoxy. 

For fairing the 105 is easier to sand and cures faster.



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Safe-t-poxy is now called EZ-poxy 

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I'm needing to buy some epoxy to do some patches on the fuselage, wing, and cowling. I understand the safe-t-poxy stuff is a thing of the past, so would the west coast 105 stuff be ok? I'm not sure how much heat the cowling gets.

As an update, I've got the tail cone mostly sanded down to bare fiberglass as well as the engine cowlings down to the UV barrier or primer. I work at Dynamic Aviation in Bridgewater, VA, and I was talking to one of the guys on the paint team about spraying paint over old primer. He was really skeptical about the idea, so I might go ahead and take the cowlings down to bare glass as well. I found it interesting that the cowling appears to be only one layer of glass thick! Wow. 

Dash panel is out as the old one was wood and kind of junky. I really like the layout though, so it'll just be a copy, past and cut activity for the most part.

Still haven't put he engine back together. Got four new exhaust valves from Revmaster and talked to Joe a couple of times. He wanted to see the compression lower as the stock configuration is 9.34:1. He said it was just a bit high for those engines and recommended adding some shims between the cylinder and head to get it down a little. 

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