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Frankenbird Vern

  yes.. that is the one. Beautiful aircraft too. You got me thinking (uh oh!) maybe at F.O.D.  attendees with flying aircraft
make concerted efforts to transition pilots. That would include me also Charlie. Been too many years since I flew the
Onan powered Q1 and the day was absolutely calm. I was told what to expect but it still took going to the smooth
grass to make the landing and I kept my distance from the runway lights. Single pull mechanical brake. I trained in an
 Aeronca 7Ac.    

 This is one reason I have already decided to fly off the required 40 hours at Cushing Oklahoma. I also plan to take
training for ELSA mechanics certification at Rainbow in Corning Ca depending on what happens with the job here in
Tulsa. The offers look pretty good at Spirit in 2019 for what the 737max and 787 build rates are going to.

 Dan.. when you move from the Evergreen State you'll be close enough we can assist if you like. We have reason to fly to
 New Mexico anyway from time to time.

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Justin Mace of Tucson, early Dragonfly builder. I believe maybe the first “snap dragon” molded fuselage. Started with VW, went to Subaru ( to heavy) , ended with O-200 and Simple Digital Systems EFI.

Sold to a doctor? Flew it home tried to land at the local air park 3 times before mushing into the brush. I believe a crosswind was involved. Plane totaled, Pilot ok.

Lesson to be learned!!! Q-birds and Dragonflies do NOT take off and land like conventional platform GA airplanes. Without transition training it will probably not turn out as pleasant as the expected vision the new to type pilot sees.



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There was a NM builder/owner a few years back but he sold the completed aircraft and if memory serves
it was totaled by the new owner. Nice aircraft.. there is a long story behind on line about it's development.
Subaru EA81T powered.

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