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norman coote

I have been working on a Q2 for 3 1/2 years as I bought it with air frame mostly completed.  Now have engine installed and am wiring the avionics.  Fairing fuselage needs to be completed as well as making the cowling.
I live in Port Ludlow, WA
My shop phone is 360-437-0366
Email is coote@...
Norm Coote

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Would you mind sharing your identity?   Who are you?  Where do you live more specifically?

It sounds like you are not far from me and EAA chapter 84.   I live in SE Everett area and have long admired the Q200 airplane.  While getting started on my experimental I was talked into building something more conventional and ended up building an RV-6 which has been flying almost 20 years now.  I am still very interested in a Q200 and have tried buying one to no avail.  I don't think I could get one built now and have time to enjoy it much at my age.  I would extremely appreciate the chance to fly one enough to know the airplane to the fullest.   It always troubles me that there are no Qs in the Puget Sound area to see at flyins, etc.  Dan Lee just started flying his up at Skagit this year and his is a tricycle gear.

--Dan Thomas
  RV-6     N43DT

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I'm retiring hopefully next year. I live north of Seattle. Is there a membership chart that shows what cities / states the Quickies are at. I would like some help finishing my Q2 after I move - probably to SW New Mexico, near my brother in LaLuz. He's a craftsman. I started my bird in spring of '82. My old help moved away or died. I didn't get any tech help from my local EAA chapter either. The garage got to full with the kids and grandson. Since you can't give projects away, I might as well finish it as I loved working on it for about 2000 hours. 75-80% complete I think. I owned a third share of a Q-2 trailer, but the other owners died and apparently the guy that bought the one guy's plane before he died, took it and last I heard it's in Florida. Would definitely consider partnering with someone who has a Quickie1, Varie EZ or Long EZ. May eventually put a 3300 in it. LS-1 forward wing. I did get some stick time in Paul Spackman's Q3300 about 2011..

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