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Matthew Curcio

I have fear flying behind an o200 at night. But night flying is dependent on a lot of thing. I wouldn’t consider flying over mountains at night but flying  over a bunch of cornfields on a full moon night is perfectly safe imo. LA at night, for example, is far more safe than during the day. You have gobs of visibility from the light pollution, there are airports and massive open highways everywhere. I would definitely keep the lights on you’ll want to fly in civil twilight even if you don’t want to fly at night.

 FWIW I don’t have a landing light and the only value I see in them is for an off field landing. I make some of my best landing at night and it’s all about getting used to the sight picture of the runway lights. A taxi light is pretty necessary though. It’s all but impossible to taxi at night without some kind of lights. 

Matthew Curcio

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Very cool idea. Speaking of night flights, do you have any fear flying at night behind a VW? Mine has nav lights on it, but I thought I would strip them off to save weight….. The bigger question is how reliable the Revmaster will be..

Dustin Graber


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