Basic Information Primarily Q-200 Conventional

Brian Larick

So as you all recall the early days of your the midst of the obsessive/manic high energy project rah, rah, rah...

Anyway.  reading, photos, searching etc.  I've stumbled on two items that are simple bullets of information but quite important... (these seem outside of the PC's and BT's in the newsletters and archives) 

Looking for any additional bullet type pieces of information that are important for the build.  The epoxy item has been the biggest eye opener...I was readily thinking local woodwerks shop carries west products I'm good to go...

What appears to be important information:

1) EZ Poxy is "The" epoxy for structural layups.  (most things I've seen have indicated West and some others are fine for composite airplane building.  But that doesn't seem to be the case.

2) Fuel cap Do not use the little bottle and lid.  Use a better alternative i.e. 11/2 pvc and threaded end, airplane cap and fill tube etc.


What else do you have?

3) Jim bob Six Pack= must do

4) Either a larger SGlass (3/4 inch, larger?) or a steel tube (spring steel?) tailspring

5) ....

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