Re: Member locations

John Hoxie

I found this letter in my Q2 file box today.

I found my Q2 Trailer Owners list;
Chuck Grazier             1/4 interest (trailer builder)
Terry Flanagan            1/8 interest
Tim Murphy                  1/8 interest
Bob Lane                     1/8 interest
Bill Bensinger               1/8 interest
Yours Truly                   1/8 interest
Rod Graham                 1/8 interest

Letter from Rod Graham, May 11, 1996 giving the results of the trailer survey. 

The top two have since passed on. Chuck died in his Tri-Q accident and Terry from pneumonia.

Rod Graham had recently sold his Q2 and confirmed it with a phone call to him today. 

Just called and left voicemail with Bill Bensinger, as he picked up the trailer the date of the letter.

Bob Lane had moved with a forwarding address before the letter. No phone number

No contact info. for Tim Murphy.

Originally, when Chuck built it, I think it was just the top two and myself.

Does anyone know if any of these are active in Q-List?

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