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Matthew Curcio

Are you concerned about summertime? If oat is around 80 I’ll be at 210 and at 30 oat I’ll be at 160 (that is if I don’t have cooler blocked, just for a data point) I know different engine but if it were marginal during winter temps I would be making a plan for summer. 

Matthew Curcio

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Hi Bruce,

Jabiru recommends max oil temp of 244F and max continuous oil temp between 176-212F. Right now I can keep it in the continuous recommended range except during climb, but I am no longer seeing any oil temps in any of my  flight testing above 230F even when climbing at slower airspeeds. That is a much more comfortable situation than when I first flew it and it shot up to 250+. Coolant temps are between 140 and 180F, which keeps the CHTs (measured under the plug on the exhaust valve side of the head) between 250 and 300F. The heads are cast of the same alloy as the typical Continental or Lycoming engines, so CHT's could run up to 450F or so without damage if the coolant ran dry or a coolant pump failed. Gives enough leeway to descend and land with power without anything really bad happening, should that case ever occur.


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