Re: Flight Report

Jay Scheevel

Hi Bruce,

I have a thermostatically controlled oil cooler adapter. It is fully open to the cooler at 190F. Oil flow goes from pump through filter, through cooler to gallery. The pressure sensor is on the gallery and pressures are mid-range of the recommended, so I know I have flow through the cooler. the oil cooler has a dedicated scoop (actually the induction air intake for on the O-200 cowl). The cooler flow is isolated from the airflow over the cylinder barrels. The coolant system (left and right independent) also have their own dedicated scoop and ducts that are isolated from the flow over the cylinder barrels. Each side has its own exit air flap that is adjustable from the cockpit. If I need more oil cooling after the engine is broken in, I have the option of installing heat exchangers that will run off of the coolant circuit. Those are very efficient. Will see about that. Right now, I am letting the temps work their way down to an equilibrium. The oil cooler is off of one side of a Cessna 310, has been reconditioned, so it should be sufficient.


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