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Frankenbird Vern

  How is the information on ADS kept and interfaced to the aircraft? I know it is tied to the GPS satellite matrix but how
 well protected is the system? I am not anywhere near a tech type so those of you here that do know this better I'd like
 to be informed more. I've not yet flown with this system in an aircraft so I only understand the basics of the F.A.A. website
 of why this was chosen over others for the 2020 initiative.  

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No wish to be an alarmist but havoc in the airways becomes a lot easier for any who would intend on it if the electronics are
hacked. It's crossed my mind as we step into ADS-B in both our LSA and Q (LSA first).

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Today Nancy and I logged our first flights of 2019.  Logged 2.2 hrs.  She in her Sundowner and me in the Q.  Admittedly, I could rely upon my military training to successfully negotiate the weather conditions which were clear, unlimited visibility and calm. 


We headed down to Clemson, SC where the mighty Clemson Tigers live.  The campus was vacant due to all of the students being

enroute to tomorrow night’s game.  Their absence made it easy to get served in a local restaurant.  We grabbed the courtesy car and headed into town for a wonderful lunch.


Later we flew around SC for a while and headed back to KAVL.  The air couldn’t have been smoother.  I took advantage of the smooth conditions and got in 1+ hours of close and not-so-close formation on Nancy’s wing.  She is a great, steady platform.  A bit slow, but that’s good for building time.


I did experience a failed ADS-B.  It never came on line.  This may be a routine wiring problem but herein is the mystery. Yesterday an aviation friend and his wife went with us on a drive to SC.  Late afternoon he got a ping telling him that Flightaware was tracking one of the aviators he likes to track..  It happened to be a flight that started somewhere in southern CA and was heading towards Las Vegas.  It also happened to be a plane with tail number N625JM – which happens to be mine. For some reason my friend likes to keep track of what I am doing.  


Remember, I am located in Asheville, NC.  We jokingly wondered if my plane was actually in the hangar.  Today we proved that it was.  So, what was my tail number doing flying around CA and NV?  Hope they aren’t transporting “stuff”.  I may get a knock on my door in the middle of the night.


I have to get in touch with Flightaware and the FAA and try to get to the bottom of this.  Coincidently, my ADS-B didn’t work today.  Hummmmm!  Any thoughts???

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