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David J. Gall


What software are you using for modeling and CFD?

David J. Gall

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At 03:06 PM 9/27/00 -0500, Jon wrote:
I certainly don't disagree but would add that IMO, the largest drag
producers on the Q designs are the wing/fuselage junctions and the
wheelpants. Those items alone, IF they are as bad as I believe, are
to make the flat plate area look rather large. Remember, Mike has these
areas perfected (or at least as close as is possible) on his AR5.
I think those are the obvious major ones as well. On the Q2 those
will be much more critical than the Q1 (round fuse shape verses slab
Just to see if everyones on the same page these were the spots I was going
study with cfd.
Canard - root intersection
Canard - wheelpant intersection
wheelpant afterbody
wing root intersection
aft fuse flow - rudder base area.
canopy - fuse area

Anyone else have any areas to look at?

I'm hoping a couple of peeps will get interested and do more tuft testing.
wouldn't have to put too many on... just imagine a partially shaved flyin
shag carpet...


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