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Great stuff.  I know about the deep grass. Flown my Tri-q200 in there 3 times.  Neat place.

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I've been remiss in posting flight reports.  Sever weeks ago we went to the Plant City Planes, Trains, and Automobile fly in (near Lakeland FL).  There was lots of public there and the Q200 got a front row parking spot.  The wife was nervous with all those people around but they were well behaved.  I allowed around 4 kids to sit in the plane and talked to some young flight school kids that were fairly amazed at the weird plane.  The next day I got a call from them that I'd won the "Peoples Choice" award for Aircraft.  Problem is I had already buzzed out so I asked them if I could pick it up at next years show.  

March 2 there was a flyin at Leeward FL, a 6500' grass strip.  It was plenty smooth enough to land on but to taxi took huge power to make my little wheels move over the grass.  Some years there is a P51 there but not this time.  Lots of nice Antiques and Classics tho.  I posted a video slide show on youtube and if you can cross your eyes or watch on a friends 3DTV there is a video there in 3D.

Looks like rain this weekend so likely no aviating for me...

Fly Safe,

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