Sun n Fun Booth Support

Patrick Panzera


I'm looking for someone local to Lakeland FL (Sun n' Fun) who is willing to transport and store my exhibitor stuff for me each year. 

I used to exhibit in one of the big halls, but have had to back off for a while, and I have all my booth stuff (8' tables, some chairs, a few bins of back issues of CONTACT! Magazine, and other items that make up a traditional 10x10 booth at one of these shows) with no place to store them. The guy that did it for the past 15 years says he's getting too old to come to SnF any longer so he asked to bow out. 

What I've done in the past at SnF and what I currently do at AirVenture OSH, is that someone local shows up the day before the show with the stuff and we unload together. At the end of the show, we reverse the process and they take the stuff home for the year. What I give in return for this service is a lifetime subscription to my magazine, and free access to both shows - Sun n Fun and AirVenture. Please remember that CONTACT! Magazine is run as a nonprofit so we don't have a lot of working capital to spread around, so you'd be doing me more of a favor than I'd be doing in return - BUT the appreciation will be off the chart! 

So if you are interested in helping, please drop me an email and let me know, and I'll be sure that you are set up for a free pass this year. 

Thank you!!!


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