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Jay Scheevel

Other than it goes up and then later comes down, probably not. Hey, I can even speak from personal experience now 😊 


That said, I always did enjoy flying my 235 Cherokee for a BFR. It had power to spare and was pretty light. Once, the instructor said, “let’s do a full power stall”. I just looked at him with a little smirk and said OK. Pulled the prop to fine, shoved the throttle all the way in and pulled the yoke back to the stops. After about a minute of climbing, he said “OK, I guess we will try it again at a lower power setting”





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I did my BFR in a Cherokee 140 yesterday. Flies just like my Q-200.


You think? 


Got the Quickie out today and now all is Wright with the world. 




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It's been a long time, but I finally got my Q-200 airborne today!  The ice has finally melted (even though it snowed again last night).  I had ice blocking the hangar door as well as ice on the taxiway getting to the runway (the wide gear on the Q-200 can be a problem in the winter).  I didn't actually go anywhere, but it was just nice to get it back in the air.


We'll see how the next few months goes.  One of our runways is closing tomorrow for repaving.  To quote Roseanne Roseannadanna - "it's always something".


Paul Fisher

Q-200 N17PF


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