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Great input. Thx Paul
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There are a lot of good options out there now. If you have a legacy transponder Uavionix has some options for less than $1500. The Echo bundle which you can get into for under $1000 with the rebate. Their Skybecon is another option. Trig avionics has a bundle that includes TT22 mode S transponder 1090 ES, TN 72 GPS and TA 70 for under $2700 if panel space is limited this one is the best option. That is what I installed in my Avid also installed the Echo in a friend's plane and both were easy enough to install and program. The Echo is 978 UAT. WITH BOTH of these you will also need some way to see the ADSB in. Just having in will not allow you to see a lot of the traffic by the FAA's design. These are just the ones I have experience with there are many options out there. Just being able to fly into Rule air space is not the only reason to install ADSB. Being seen is top on my list. Just having the in only saved my bacon twice and convinced me to take the plunge and that happened out in the middle of nowhere. There are also some downsides, the FAA will know if you violate airspace, TFR's , NOAA sanctuaries (hope you guys on the coasts know about those, BIG fines) and plans on sending out tickets in the mail.

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