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Great debrief.  Thx.  Jerry

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Saturday morning we fired up the Q200 for a quick flight over to KCHN for the annual GyroCopter Flyin.  The flight over was uneventful over Tampa Bay, just south of MacDill AFB.  I used to fly through MacDill airspace all the time prior to 911.  Even used to do radar Precision Approaches there - this is where the ground controller talks you down.  It's pretty cool if you ever get a chance to try it.  I think only military airports have this Radar.  Anyway now you can't fly over MacDill.  They just say no if you ask.  They have refueling tankers and NOAA airplanes there and very few if any flights on the weekend so I consider it an airspace grab.

But back to my flight, got to KCHN with no issues, a left crosswind landing and not terrible.  I posted a slide show video on Youtube, see:

Also If you can find a 3D TV I posted a 3D video there also.  It's really cool to see in 3D.  Subscribe and give me a thumbs up!

Our flight home was pretty.  We decided to fly to the south end of Tampa Bay Florida and go up the beach.  First we went by Egmont Key with the lighthouse.  Then up the beach.  The 3 pictures I attached to this email fail to show how pretty it was.  Really nice day.

Landed back at KPIE with a 14K gusting to 17K 90 degrees to the left wind.  That's pushing it for my left cross wind ability but the landing was decent.  No mechanical issues and ATC didn't even yell at me so a good flight.

Mike Dwyer N3QP Q200

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