Re: Typical RPM on Static Ground Test?

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And the fellow who bought Phil Haxton's Q2 who killed himself taking off after the sale.

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I would be careful of who you get to fly your plane south. Some nice Q’s have been destroyed by pilots claiming to be tailwheel wizards or instructor pilots that jump in only to find they have a bull by the horns.
This is a hybrid. Not a tricycle or a tail dragged but a variant. You might be better off trailering it and get it there in one piece.
One that comes to mind is Barry Weber’s beautiful Q bird that was relocated by someone other than the owner and smashed it on landing in Vegas.

Another is the two jokers that picked up Jon’ Q in New Mexico to fly it directly to New Jersey. Everything worked fine until they tried the first landing in Albuquerque. After several attempts to land they crashed it.

N46JP - Q200

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