Minimum tire size

Shaun Milke

After rebuilding the stock hydraulic brake system in my Q200 last year and finding a lot of problems that will eventually require replacement of wheels, calipers, axles and mounting structure, I've started looking at ways to increase efficiency rather than buying direct replacement parts and rebuilding the stock design.  I plan to at least refine the fairing of the wheel pants and install new wheels, so I'm wondering what the minimum practical wheel and tire sizes really are.  I'm considering using 11-4.00x5 tires and wheels and rebuilding the structural portion of the wheel pants so that the original ground pitch attitude is unchanged.  My main concern is that these tires will be unacceptably stiff and I'm not really willing to sacrifice the ability to land on unpaved runways, for me that's one of the main advantages of the quickie over all the pushers.  What I'd like to know is- what is the smallest tire anyone has ever installed on a quickie and what were the results?


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