Which prop for a TriQ-200

Jon Matcho

Hello everyone,


I am making a renewed push this year to get Earnest Martin’s TriQ-200 N479E back in the air.  I bought it from the 2nd owner after a main landing gear collapse.  It had a constant speed MT prop which was trashed from the incident.  That and the engine need rebuilding.


I WAS thinking to keep everything as-is, particularly since Bruce and (I think) Imraan have the same props on their TriQ-200s.  However, I don’t want to spend $7,000+ to REFURBISH the MT prop and get new blades.  With a few extra HP from high compression pistons I expect the CS won’t be necessary, which Earnest specifically mentioned to me as well.  Losing the MT CS the front-end weight will go down, which I also suspect contributes to nose gear collapses.  I realize I’ll need to do a new W&B on the aircraft.


Considering that, I have 2 questions:


  1. What propeller would be recommended for a TriQ-200?  I know this is a loaded question.  I’m just looking for ranges of climb vs. cruise props.
  2. Anyone want to convince me spend $7,000+ and keep the MT prop?  (donations are accepted 😊)


Best regards,




Jon Matcho

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