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Dan Thomas

I have to agree with everything below stated by Mike.  Although I have one interesting thing to add about Samsung.
About 2 years ago when I found out about Avare I went and bought a brand new Samsung tablet 5"x7" that would fit where my old Garmin 195 had been in my RV-6.  Every time about 30 seconds after lift off it would lose GPS reception.  I finally figured out it would quit working above a certain speed, I think it was about 118 mph.  I called Samsung and asked for help what could be the problem and they had no idea.  Luckily I had about 1 week to figure this out and return the unit for a full refund which I promptly did.  When I tried my son's older Lenovo 6"x8"  tablet everything worked perfectly.  So I wrote down everything about that operating system.  Of course I had to buy an older unit to get something with that older operating system and I found a used 5"x7" Lenovo for about $65.  It has worked perfectly ever since.  Not sure if anyone else has had this experience but it happened with me.   I also have a Stratux receiver that works good.  And last January I added a Garmin GDL-82 for ADS-B out and it passed on the first test flight.

--Dan Thomas

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Hi Vern, and everyone outside the USA...  The Avare APP only has maps for the United States, Hawaii, Puerto rico, Grand Canyon...  It can be used outside the US if you manually enter the map your interested in but that's a little complicated.  

Also Vern was happy that he could use the Glonass Russian GPS system in Russia.  The thing is that the Russian satellites are coming over the US as much as Russia so it doesn't mater where you are, the new GPS's receivers are getting both systems!  

Cost:  The android "Avare APP" is free, no commercials or adds.  Not crippled.  Just give em a donation now and then.

Hardware: A decent Samsung tablet (try to find one with 3Gig of system memory) can be had used for $100.  Or use your old 5" android phone that you threw in the closet.  Two concerns 1) Don't let the sun shine on the device while parked on the ground, the heat will wreck the Lithium battery. 2) Rig up a 5 Volt USB charger so the battery won't go dead in flight.

ADS-B In: Build yourself a Stratux system.  Wow, the prices have gone up sense I built mine.  I found this on eBay $170, then add the AHRS and GPS.  

Happy Flying,
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