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Jon Matcho

Corbin wrote:  “Would be great if we moved off yahoo groups to a more modern method for this. Also, would allow for easy payment. As much as I hate Facebook, it’s great for private groups.”


Woah… please let us not degrade into the chaotic mess that is Facebook groups.  The functionality is barely better than email with anything of interest flying out of view and essentially unsearchable in the sea of all things Facebook.  The best EAB type groups do NOT use Facebook, but instead use dedicated forum software.


The good news is that we have multiple Quickie Builder Association (QBA) websites ( and along with tandem-wing/Rutan builders/flyers/enthusiasts at our sister site (a state-of-the-art community platform).  Dan Yager, myself, and many others (Sam, Jay, QTalk authors, many more) have put in a LOT of time and money to keep these sites running and it would be a shame to lose these resources due to lack of interest. 


This is the roadmap I have come up with for the QBA and Canard Zone sites, and I welcome any and all feedback and ideas:


  1. Keep the site as a dedicated Quickie information resource, but linked to the Canard Zone for...
  2. Marketplace:  Enhance the Marketplace section at the Canard Zone (for personal sales as well as vendors).
  3. Discussion Forum:  Migrate ONLY the discussion forum and marketplace sections of to
  4. Bring back as a unique resource (not sure what specifically yet).
  5. Member Map:  Allow members to put a pin on the map to let everyone know where they are.


The challenge is that there are two different platforms underneath each site and so I would appreciate any offers of help towards making this happen (even if only participation on those sites).


Quickly yours,




Jon Matcho

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