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From your brief description, I suggest you find a kit and start a new project.  It will be faster and safer than trying to put lipstick on a pig.  Jerry 

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I got the forward fuselage down to my house and have started sanding on the canard. As i see more and more fiberglass of the wings and canard the more questions I have. I've asked some of the A&P's at work and they all say the same thing, "I don't know anything about fiberglass." I can't figure out how to add pictures to this post, so Ill just add them in the pictures folder.

First, there are some dings and gouges in the glass that I have to repair. One is on the leading edge about 12" from the wing root. I'm hoping the repair doesn't need to follow the upper surface under the wing root. Not sure how many layers thick it is, but the plans call for a 1" overlap per lamina, so the patch might get pretty big.

Second, the other wing has what appears to be a about a 2" spot on the upper unidirectional cap that is cracked just a little bit in the spanwise direction. By pressing sufficiently on it with my thumb I can hear the foam just a little bit. Other areas are rock hard. The thing this spot had no external signs of delaminating, cracking, or anything. In fact, if I bought a used flying plane I'm certain I wouldn't have been able to spot the defect.

Third, there are really large areas on the lower skin of the main wing both sides, that are delaminating from the foam. I've seen the canard repair online, where the builder did a complete repair from breaking the canard. I'm sure my main wings will require the same amount of work. The main wing looks to me like builder error.

Now for a bird-shot load of questions.

Is it worth repairing the main wing?
How will I know that other areas might delaminate at a later time?
If the canard is unrepairable I'm back to square one at starting basically from scratch on the project. Do I continue with the gu airfoil or switch to the ls-1?
Can the carbon spare be built? I have not seen a layup schedule for it anywhere.

Sorry to need so much advise, but I would like a piece of mind on structural issues.
Thanks, Dustin Graber

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