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I am close but not yet.  I got very busy for a few weeks and couldn't get out to the hangar.  I have eight landings in the left seat now.....getting close to solo!  I might not get to fly again until Sunday late afternoon.


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Did you do your first solo yet? If so, congratulations!


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Thank you.  I am still learning all the terms but am fairly confident in saying that I have the 6-pack minus the belly board.

Small world with the B'ville and Fort Smith coincidence.  I am in B'ville in the "Quirky" right now and am flying/training in it this afternoon.  I would love to meet up sometime.


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Hi Corbin. Nice video. Nice plane. It looks a lot like mine. Does it have the Jim/Bob 6-pack installed?

I go to Ft. Smith a couple times a yea r thru Bentonville. I finished my Q200 in 2000 and have had a great time flying it for 18 years. Maybe we can get together there sometime.

Jim Patillo

1600 hours on this airframe.

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