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Awesome, either way I would love to have a second set if eyes on the project, so ill get up with you off the group.




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Hi Dustin,


I suggest you follow the advice of the voices you are hearing on this group that are suggesting to either fabricate or buy pre-built replacement wings. Basically, you cut the old ones off and reattach the new ones. Sounds ominous, but it is relatively easy to do with good results. Sam Hoskins has done this on his plane several times and can explain the "Mr. Sawsall" technique.


Also, my wife and all of her sisters grew up in Waynesboro, so I am very familiar with your location. We will be back in that area for a family reunion at the end of July. I would be happy to come by and have a look at your project. If you can get some wings by then, I can help you evaluate the quality and condition of them. Let me know.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ


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