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Hey Jim,

Always great to learn more about the history.  I purchased from Jason and Martin in March of this year.  The recommended 22 VG’s each side was deemed excessive so 11 each side were applied.

The RV lure lives on and is still there!  You can probably see it in one of the videos on YT.  

Really cool hearing from people that know this plane!



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Hey Corbin,

Mark Summers built your plane here in Livermore. We built at the same time and I flew chase on his first flight. I also found the 0200 you now run. Mark is retired from Livermore Lab and happily living in the Rockies. He built and flys a beautiful Legacy.

The work Mark did on your Q was impeccable. I notice the plane now has a lot more than the ones Mark designed. He only ran 4 per side and cured the rain bug problem. He later sold it to Martin Skilby.

What happened to the “RV LURE” Mark has on the tail?

Good luck with your first flights! You have a solid plane.

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200

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