Re: Tires - Whatcha Got?

Sam Hoskins


Forget the hard or soft pads, I think that's old old documentation. Simply get the Airheart pads from wherever you can find them. I think there is an Airhart manufacturer, maybe in Minnesota,? They are also available through go-cart sales organizations.

As for tires, there is a variety of different styles you'll see on aircraft, I use the 8 ply tires formerly called lamb tires.

So, I didn't see your flight report here. What's the deal with that?


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While working on brakes, it is a good time to replace my tires (500-5).  Any suggestions for brand/model and ply rating?  I think 4 ply is the most common on the Q200's but that's me just going off PSI of 35-40.  I think 6 ply is up to 50psi which I was thinking was getting high for the weight of these planes.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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