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Might want to check the rotors to be assured they are not warped.


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Sounds like you have your brake pad issue figured out. If not, I think I have the original Airheart brake pads, never used, from my Q-200 kit and I will see if I can locate them. Tri-Q kit came with its own wheels and brakes.


If you really are using 5 X 5.00 tires, the diameter is the critical item to make sure you have the same clearance of the wheel pant to the wheel and the runway. I have put AIR HAWK 500-5 6PLY TIREs on my Tri-Q2. These tires go on same wheel as the Lamb tire. So far, I like the new tires. Don't wear as fast and smooth out some of the cracks in my home runway. The diameter of the whole assembly went from 11" to 13" when I changed from the Lamb tires. The AIR HAWK tire is available from Spruce for $$.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q@ N8WQ

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