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Paul Fisher

Glad you're back up and running Kevin.  Quite an ordeal, but hopefully you now have your confidence back to fly again!


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I have not written a flight report for quite some time.

I flew around the pattern on 5-23-19. I had intensions of flying for an hour or so, but once again I lost power shortly after take off. I had been experiencing troubles for the last several months, and attributing it to carb ice. Application of carb heat at times would clear the problem. The previous flight, 5/19/19, the engine missed twice in rapid succession, and then decaying RPM. Carb heat slowly brought the RPM back to normal, 2400 PRM with carb heat applied full throttle. Flew over the airport for half an hour and landed. Nothing abnormal. 
Back to 5-23. Experienced decaying of power at 400’ AGL. Carb heat applied. 2000 RPM was all I could get from her. Enough power to maintain altitude while in slow flight at 100MPH. Was the first time I was ever concerned that I might not make it back to the airport! Good Lord’s will, I did.
Started all the normal troubleshooting activities. Mags, normal. Plugs, serviceable. Carb float setting ok. Fuel flow, 37.5 GPH. Balloon test, passed. Compression, oh shit. #1 80/76  #3 80/60ish leaking by exhaust valve. #4 same as #3. #2 80/60ish leaking by the intake valve. NFG!
It would appear that the engine was trying to tell me that things weren’t right, but I had my mind on carb ice, and not listening. Always easier to trouble shoot after the fact. Maybe that missing in the engine the flight before was a stuck/sticking valve? Carb heat did help. Coincidence? Who the hell knows.
Ordered four new Superior Millennium cylinders, piston pins, and all the gaskets that come with new cyls.
from AS. Had them in five days!
Skipping all the details of removing baffeling, cyls, pistons , etc.
New cyls installed, after Mike, A&P IA gapped the rings. He also set the rocker arm gap. Needed two new push rods, a length thing as I understand it. He also installed the newest carb float recommended, via service bulletin.
Torqued to spec. Baffling reinstalled. A few baffle cracks fixed. New high temp RTV calked in. You get it. 
With Mike on the fire ext. we fired it up. Fired on second blade. Sounded good. 
Flew first flight 6/22/19. About .8 hours using break-in procedures published by Superior. Wanted to fly for two hours, but mother nature sent a small cell right at the airport. Landed and all was well. Flew 1.8 hours on 6/26/19 circling over the airport on both flights. Temp were within recommended ranges. Again following suggested power ranges and time durations recommended. Used about a half quart of oil for both flights .
All is good!
Climb was great. 
Now I need to have the ambient temps get back to a workable range before flying again. Mike recommended not flying in the 90°F+ temps we have been experiencing as of late. No reason the get parts too hot, or have to reduce power to cool things down. Lower power settings will not be good for seating the rings to the cyls. 

Listen to your engine with an open mind. Try to not get fixated on what you might think. In my case carb ice.
If things are abnormal, dig into the beast.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   481 hrs
Luana, IA.

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